Happy summer everyone, it has arrived at last! Though summer is fun and I do enjoy nice tans and sleeping in, I’m going to miss everyone so much!!! School was so fun this year, I really enjoyed myself, and now that it’s over, I can’t wait for school to start back up again in the fall!!!!

On the other hand…I do enjoy not waking up at the crack of dark every morning and I do not enjoy stressing over tests and homework! Hooray to no more of that! And summer means goodbye pale and hello tan!

I had a wonderful school year! I met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends and I loved the experience of middle school!! This year went bye SUPER quick and like sand slipping out of tiny hands, my 7th grade year was gone. Congrats on a wonderful year, everyone.


Activities To Do When Your Bored

This is my all-time best boredm beater list ever!! So if you are bored, I suggest you give these suggestions a try!!

😉 Go to YouTube and watch people falling into walls

:DText everyone on your contacts “what’s up?”

🙂 Write a poem expressing your boredem

😛 Play Solitare until you start crying

:} Go out side and sing to the top of your lungs

(: Try to learn to juggle

7) Blindly choose new words in the dictionary and read there definitions

8) Go searching under your bed to try to bring back old memories

9) Pick out 10 random books, close your eyes, and toss out all but 1 book and read the remaining book cover to cover

10) Make up your own theme song

11) Pack up for a trip and then unpack

12) Make a ton of Mii characters on your Wii

13) Pick out a newspaper article and sing it until you realize your still bored.

Does this help?

Are We Done Yet?!?

Today is the very first day of the 3rd nine weeks and I’ll have you know, I am SICK of learning. Waking up at 5:45 a.m. every morning and getting on the bus in the dark really takes a lot out of you!!! And to top it all off, I have basketball every night and sometimes even on Saturdays!!

I can’t wait for summer!! Sleeping in, staying up, no learning of any kind, what more could I possibly ask for!?!?!?!?!?! Are we done yet??

7th Grade!!!

Hey!! You have not heard from me in a while, I know, it’s very sad! I am in middle school now!!! McDowell is the most fun experience in the world! I don’t have very much time to talk, so I’ll say what I can.

Making new friends is both exciting and nerve wrecking. Hannah( whom I love), isn’t on my team, meaning we don’t see each other too much :(. I’ve made so many brand new friends, and really learned about old ones who I haven’t really gotten to know. Katie, an old friend, has become one of my best friends because of the classes, bus ride, and lunch we share. I have also met a lot of new friends that went to different elementary schools. I have 3 friends names Makayla.

1~Makayla: From Laurelville, you all know who I’m talking about.

2~Michaela: A girl who transferred to Logan Elm. She is very shy, but very nice and pretty.

3~ Makayla: A girl who went to Saltcreek; she is the one of the three who is most like me!

It is so cool to meet so many friends that have a lot in common with you!!!!

I  love switching classes with different people!!!!! If you don’t like very many people in one of your classes, you don’t have to worry. You’ll have all the rest of the classes to be with friends. Like in Family/Consumer Science, the class puts me to sleep, but the people in it with me make it exciting and lively. I love all my old friends, don’t get me wrong, but my new friends are right up there!!

P.S~But Mrs.Lourighe( my Language Arts teacher) cannot compare to you, Mr.McGuire!!!! :D)

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He's Watching You

The other day, me and mom went to a german shepard place and gotus a 10 week old puppy. His name is Vincent and he is the cutest thing ever!!!!! Observe:

To look at any of the pictures closer, click on them!!


Alright, here I am!!!! Now, for all of you who wondered where I am, well, I am off having fun outside, with friends, and vacationing!!! I’m sorry I just have too much of a life to blog ten times a day!!! I have people to go, places to meet…or something. You ask “Why Hadley?? Oh why do you leave us???” Why don’t we ask Mr.McGuire? I am drifting down Salt Creek to wherever it takes me! If I am missed that much then call me, text me, whatever but please Mr.McGurie, don’t hack into my blog again, thank you. Enjoy your summer outside and not all on the computer! :l

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Happy Birthday To Me!!!

If don’t know yet, today is my birthday!! And let me tell you, it is a happy one!! Yesterday, we played Kingston in the Tournement, and handed them their butts on a silver platter by beating  them 26 to 10!!! It was a mercy rule on their side. Then we drove to Rock House for the annual Haunted Hike. Going down to Rock House at night was cool, but hunting for ghosts was even better!!!

There where a TON of tools to use, but I got a crystal on a string. If “energy” is near, the crystal will spin around in circles. Another person had a thermometer. If there was a sudden drop in temperature, ghosts were near. Destiny Simmons had coat hangers. If the hangers crossed by themselfs, a ghost was there. Over by where the old hotel was, thermometer dude said the temp. went from 80 to 52 to 42, to 34 in 2 seconds. Destiny put her hangers by the area, and they made a HUGE X.  I put my crystal by the area, and it spun like crazy. When mom tried it, it still spun! We are official ghost encounters!!!!

I have almost 300 dollars for a touch-screen camera and I got a couple of gifts from family.

Today, I have 2 softball games, one semi-final round and 1 championship, so cross your fingers for the Beast(A.K.A.~Our team)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀